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Club Dance Hip Hop Company


The Hip Hop Company Is a Competitive Company!

These Dancers specialize their dancing with hip hop styles and culture.

Hip Hop is one of the most high energy, versatile styles of dance today used extensively throughout the entertainment industry in everything from street dancing, music videos, commercials and more! Since its roots in the early 1970’s, Hip Hop has taken the world by storm to become the most in-demand and sought after form of artistic expression.

This Company is a competitive company that is comprised of talented dancers interested in specializing their dance career with hip hop styles and culture.

Our cutting edge groups attend competitions and conventions throughout Phoenix and the southwest. Members are required to be in the Club Dance Company but take additional hours of hip hop. Currently Club Dance offers 2 different Hip Hop companies separated mainly by age and ability.

Our Company Members Gain A Lot!

Company members will gain responsibility, self-confidence and the ultimate performing experience.

This Company is a great program to help dancers reach their optimal dance ability! These dynamic hip hop teams will learn a variety of different styles mixed with choreography that is fresh and new.

Ricky Maalouf has been the director of our Hip Hop Company since it’s inception. Ricky has proven to be one of the leaders in this industry with his choreography – winning many state and national titles. We are proud to have Ricky at our studio because of the energy he brings into the classroom and his enthusiasm for teaching!

If you would like more information about Hip Hop Company, Call us at 480-888-2342, or stop by for a free tour!  You can also Contact Us Here.

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