Jaycee Wilkins

Jaycee Wilkins



This is the story of Jaycee Wilkins, who, in September, was diagnosed with Perthes disease. This disease, most commonly occurring in young children ages four to 12 years old, is a rare condition of the hip bone.

Yuriko Nabeta, a physical therapist at Harkness Center for Dance Injuries in New York City, explains, “The cause of the disease is unfortunately unknown. But what’s known is that for someone with this disease, the blood supply to the hip bone is reduced. There’s a growth plate in the head of the femur bone, and it grows at a young age, and with the Perthes disease, the plate doesn’t get enough blood supply and so the bone dies. And, as a result, the head becomes very fragile, painful and very stiff.”

I always remember in convention classes hearing the teachers say to dance like it was your last night dancing

Me Dancing

I love Club because of my friends and teachers there… and of course my family. Everyone has been there for me and one another. The training I get from my teachers day to day allows me to grow as a fantastic dancer.