The Classes

From the basics to our pre-professional program.


Let your little star shine in this SUPER FUN combo class perfect for students that are new to dance. This class combines 20 minutes each of Tap, Jazz and Tumbling. This introduction to dance class will be sure to entertain and captivate your preschooler’s attention while learning basic dance steps to seasonally themed music and activities.


Calling all Ballerinas! This class is perfect for all of our little dancers who dream to be a Prima Ballerina. Join us for a class that allows young dancers to build a strong technical Ballet foundation to begin and foster their love for dance.


This energetic class combines stretching and basic Jazz technique. Dancers will have fun mastering specific Jazz elements and then working on them throughout the season. These fundamentals will include Jazz progressions, turns, leaps and center work. The students will also enjoy seasonal combinations taught in the center of the floor to seasonal music, as well as an end of the year Recital routine.


Contemporary and Lyrical classes combine the movement quality of Jazz with the technical component of Ballet. Contemporary and Lyrical are typically danced to slower music, either ballads with words or instrumental. These genres allow dancers to combine steps together in more of an artistic format typically danced in the center of the floor.


Ballet is one of the oldest styles of dance and is taught throughout the world. Ballet is a style of dance based on vocabulary and technique. Classes combine stretching, barre exercises and center technique work. Ballet is the most disciplined style of dance and provides the perfect foundation for any dancer.


Hip Hop, originally a form of street dance, has now made its way into the hearts of many of our students. Our Hip Hop classes combine a warm up, grooves, across the floor combinations and a center combination. This hard hitting and powerful form of dance allows students of all ages to enjoy letting loose while learning body isolation and coordination skills while listening to fast paced music they love!


If your dancer loves to perform then this is the class for them. Strut Club Preps teaches stretching, center technique and across the floor. They also do seasonal dances to prepare them to participate in our Strut Club and compete/perform in the coming years. This class is a great introduction to become performance ready and uses the proper discipline to ready these tiny dancers to take the stage.


In Ballroom class, our students learn many styles of Ballroom dance. This class combines the art form of performance, along with Ballroom technique in specific Ballroom styles including Cha Cha, Tango, and Samba. The students have fun in this high energy class with the partnering and quick footwork.


Turns and Technique gives the dancers a chance to perfect the technical elements they work on in their other classes. Turn combinations take years of practice and this class allows our dancers to work on everything from pirouettes, leg spins and al la seconde to more basic turns like chaines and piques. All of this is practiced, while incorporating strong technical accountability and improvement.


Let's dance together